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l area provides an opportunity for Brazil to invest in the sector, she added. "There are many more opportunities for opening up, if Brazil chooses to latch onto them," the expert s


why we're having an election, because you didn't tell the truth." Harper said raising corporate tax rates would "send a negative message to investors" and hurt job creation. He wa.


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t of total ballots, Lucena said, noting that the demands of Capriles to recount the votes represent an attempt to "ignore" the rule of law prevailing in the country. "I am the son.

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nning on Feb. 12, police will be planting late model bait cars in 22 park-and-ride locations and other key Olympic departure hubs. The vehicles may prove irresistible to thieves as.

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stigation. The "Mensalao" case has involved quite a few former top officials under the Lula administration. Former chief of staff Jose Dirceu, accused of being the mastermind of th.

portance of reducing regulatory burdens and regulatory uncertainty, particularly as our economy continues to recover," Obama said. In January 2010, EPA proposed a new standard for.

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